Contextual audio to build productive habits.

Use to give your brain the feedback it needs to work for you, not against you. web app distracted screenshot web app flow screenshot web app focused screenshot

How It Works monitors your behaviours via a browser extension, rewarding you with positive sounds when you're working, and negative sounds when you're not.

Create postive and negative feedback loops using multiple "channels". Refine them to suit your work.

Over time, the consequences of small actions lead to positive habits: and habits are a powerful force.

Time to go Backwards?

Productive checklist

Build a Productivity Habit

Form positive behaviours over a period of time. Your brain's natural reaction to positive/negative stimulus grow into productive habits.

Productive ideas inside your head

Find Your Flow

Use's polarity in sound to give you clarity in your work.
Reach the elusive state of flow and enjoy deep, razor-focused work.

Focus sound waveform

Match your sounds

Set specific sounds for postitive and negative behaviours.
Match the palette of sounds to your activities and stay on-track.

Limited number of beta accounts now open

Join a community of users who are helping to build a tool which will greatly improve your focus, and increase your productive output.

We're limiting the number of beta accounts as we monitor the quality of our service and respond to feedback appropriately.

Free during the beta period
  • Things might break
  • You'll need some patience
  • It will be awesome in the end

We're busy building backwards.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you store my browsing history?

No. Our architecture doesn't send any data about your browsing activity to our servers.
Our browser extension passes data to our web app, but it happens locally on your device.

Can I have silence for focused working states?

Yes, simply create a channel to match your focused activities and leave all audio tracks deselected.

Does this really work?

Honestly: it's a bit of an experiment. However, early signs indicate that Backwards will make a significant positive impact. We'll have more/better evidence soon.

What's on the horizon?

Our most exciting plans are to continue to enhance the audio experience. We plan to share extensive details about the audio production process: please stay tuned!

What will this cost after the beta?

Subscriptions will probably be $12/$120 month/year.

Turn around and focus.